PENTAGON postpones first 2020 online concert “WE L:VE” as members get tested for COVID-19

PENTAGON is slated to hold their first online concert of the year “WE L:VE” tomorrow, 29 Nov. The eight-piece band was scheduled to play at 3PM KST.

However, an official notice was posted on the band’s social media accounts, announcing the postponement of the show as member YEOONE was voluntarily tested for COVID-19 as he “happened to have been at the same location as someone who tested positive”.

Even though the 24 year-old singer was confirmed negative, he is currently under self-quaruantine, abiding by quarantine regulations.

The group’s entertainment label, CUBE Entertainment, have also confirmed that the rest of the group have decided to get tested for the virus and self-quarantine themselves. It is, however, undisclosed whether the rest were tested negative.

The organiser has apologised to fans eager to see the boys play, but have made the difficult decision as the group’s safety and health is still of utmost priority.

Details of the postponement of the show, and subsequent procedures have yet to be announced. The story is still developing.

On another note, PENTAGON has also bagged the Best Icon (Singer) award at the Asian Artist Awards, held earlier this evening.

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