Aespa teases debut ahead of “Black Mamba” release on 17 Nov

It’s quite a momentous affair when SM Entertainment pushes out a new girl group. To date, the illustrious entertainment label has only a sprinkling of female acts — Red Velvet, Girls’ Generation and BoA.

But an addition to the list is on the way. A four-piece girl group, Aespa, will make their debut soon on 17 Nov, marking the entertainment powerhouse’s first new girl group in six years.

Ahead of their debut, a teaser for their title track Black Mamba was shared. The concept of having an exact duplicate digital avatar rendering of the group was also seen in the short 30-second video, as vocalist Winter communicates with her digital counterpart AE:WINTER right from the beginning.

Main rapper Giselle poses with dancers dolled up with a pink beanie, which could give an inkling to Korean rapper Mommy Son.

The title choice Black Mamba could only mean two things: The Bride’s code name in Kill Bill, or literally, the venomous snake.

Though fans were thrown to the deep end on what the teaser hinted at, but if anything, it stamped out doubts that Black Mamba was a reference to the alter ego of the Kill Bill character.

Listen to the first message from Aespa below:

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