GFriend teased unit stages in first virtual concert “GFRIEND C:ON”

Ahead of the release of their third Korean-language studio album “回:Walpurgis Night”, Friend held their first virtual concert “2020 GFRIEND ONLINE CONCERT GFRIEND C:ON” last Saturday.

The girls promised performances of their top hits, with teasers of their unit stages from their upcoming album. True to their word, the girls did not disappoint.

Though they started out strong with Labryinth, GFriend did not neglect fan-favourites like Summer Rain, Rough and NAVILLERA.

But perhaps the highlight of the show was this. Members of the sextet were split into three duos — Sowon and Umji; Eunha and Yuju; SinB and Yerin — for their unit stages.

The group teased three tracks out of their upcoming 11-track studio album “回:Walpurgis Night”, all of which were performed by duos.

Sowon and Umji team up for Better Me and Eunha and Yuju for Night Drive. SinB and Yerin, too, forms a duo for Secret Diary.

Can’t wait to hear the rest of their upcoming album? Stay tuned to the release on 9 Nov.

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