Exclusive Interview with Max Jang: How MAXPERIENCE connects artistes like BLACKPINK, GFriend and TREASURE to Asia

As the COVID-19 pandemic hits the world, the entertainment scene becomes disturbingly quiet. Physical concerts are out of the question. And their closest substitutes? Virtual performances.

Even during these trying times, the folks at MAXPERIENCE (MPE) continue connecting celebrities to Asia. They, too, have diversified their business operations: to work on online shows, award ceremonies and meet-and-greet sessions.

Most notably, they were in-charge of the operations for BLACKPINK’s recent appearance on American television programme Good Morning America.

To date, they have worked with over 50 Korean personalities ranging from actors, hip-hop bands to idol groups.

In an exclusive interview with Max Jang, founder of MAXPERIENCE, he shares with us how the idea of the company came about, and the their future plans.

“Entertainment is the gateway to culture,” Jang said. He believes that these cultural contents have an ability to inspire fans.

In fact, fan satisfaction was also one of the very key factors which lead to the founding of MAXPERIENCE back in 2014. “When I saw fans feel impressed from the event that I have first bridged, I promised myself to strive my best [for] the Asian entertainment scene.”

Currently, MAXPERIENCE offers consultation services for celebrities on global brand promotion as well as other newly minted projects. They also match celebrities for fan-meetings, concerts and endorsement according to the respective requirements of entertainment agencies.

Jang and his team have countless collaborations with Korean artists under their belt. But “the collaboration with actor Jung Hae-in for his fan-meet was the most memorable for me,” he said. “It was our first time collaborating with an actor, and coincidentally Jung’s first overseas fan-meet as well,” he explained.

But his team has no plans of stopping just here. Recently, arrangements for a global promotional campaign for YG Entertainment’s newest boyband, TREASURE, are also in the works.

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