(G)I-DLE to hold online concert ‘I-LAND: WHO AM I’ on 5 July, tickets now on sale

Virtual concerts have become the new norm, after the world was hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, followed by the rapid postponement and cancellation of physical concerts.

K-pop icons BTS, SuperM and Super Junior are the first few to pioneer virtual ticketed concerts. Now, (G)I-DLE is set to join the list.

The six-piece multinational female band, who have attracted throngs of fans since their debut in 2018, originally set out to hold their first-ever world tour ‘I-LAND : WHO AM I’ in April.

They were slated to tour around 32 cities in the States, Europe and Asia before a final show in Seoul. The tour was supposed to span across three months.

Given current circumstances, they have decided to hold an online concert with the same show name, on 5 July (Sun).

A representative from their agency, CUBE Entertainment said that “it was a difficult decision to make and we prioritise the health and safety of the artist and audience”.

“We are working hard to prepare exclusive performances only for our NEVERLAND,” said Chinese member Yuqi in their greeting video.

Tickets are priced at ₩ 39,000 (44.97SGD / 249.39 HKD) and can be purchased HERE.

Stream their “Showtime: 2020 (G)I-DLE ONLINE CONCERT ‘I-LAND : WHO AM I’” concert playlist on KKBOX HERE.

Watch their concert greeting video below:

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