The Boyz won fans’ hearts, finished first in reality programme Road To Kingdom

Mnet is known for producing idol survival programmes. The Korean broadcasting network has titles such as Produce 101, Produce 48, Produce X 101 and Queendom under their belt.

Their newest addition is Road To Kingdom, which concluded its broadcast yesterday.

The eight-episode reality series is a sequel to Queendom (2019), featuring seven lesser-known boy groups who have the potential to excel. They are Pentagon,ONF, Golden Child,The Boyz, Verivery, Oneus and TOO.

Atypical to other survival programmes, Road To Kingdom did not limit winners to one group in particular.

Two groups could emerge as champions. The boy group which did not come in overall first, but ranked first in the Final Live Performances segment will also score a chance to Kingdom. 

In the case where the same boy group clinched both overall first and first in the Final Live Performances, they will then be the only group to take part in Kingdom. Which was exactly what happened.

The crown eventually went to The Boyz, a South Korean boy group who made their debut in 2017 under Cre.ker Entertainment.

Their journey to victory was no less exacting as the boy bands battled it out onstage with heart-thumping choregraphies and meticulously thought out stage concepts.

Watch The Boyz’ performance here:

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