The King Eternal Monarch wraps up romance exploration in a parallel universe

Korean series, The King Eternal Monarch ended its broadcast yesterday. The romantic narrative totaling 16 episodes tells the love story of Emperor Lee Gon (Lee Min Ho) and detective Jung Tae Eul (Kim Go Eun).

The lovebirds live in parallel universes. Lee lives in the Kingdom of Corea, a constitutional monarchy while Jung lives in Republic of Korea, akin to present-day South Korea.

The series orginates from the pursuit of a bamboo flute Manpasikjeok after Lee’s uncle Lee Lim (Lee Jung Jin) committed treason in 1994. A bloodbath saw both Lee Gon and his uncle possess half of the flute.

Subsequently, Lee was determined to meet Jeong after seeing her police badge on the night of the treason, thinking that she was his saviour. No doubt, they fall in love with each other.

But they were faced with challenges. Not because of a wicked mother-in-law, nor was it a repeat of the poor girl rich guy trope.

It is, however, due to the stark difference in the axes of time and place between the Kingdom of Corea and the Republic of Korea. Here’s where the confusion kicks in for most viewers.

Scenes like the night of treason are repeated and portrayed as metaphors, with different characters and a different twist in plot each time. Only because Lee Gon can turn back time, and wants to kill his uncle Lee Lim on the night of treason.

This resets time, which might be for better, or for worse. After wiping out his uncle, Lee will obtain the Manpasikjeok in its entirety. But this would mean he can’t meet Jung in the future, since they live a “new live” once again.

Will the romantic series pan out to be a happy-ever-after? Or will it turn into a tragedy? Watch to find out.

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