Somi, BLACKPINK’s Rose, Zion T. and more lend support for Bang Ye Dam’s upcoming digital single “Wayo”

Though he had only officially debuted for less than a year, the name “Bang Ye-dam” is likely to ring a bell.

You might have heard his name from the second season of SBS’ reality competition programme K-pop Star where he finished the contest as runner-up.

Or you might have known him for his incredulous vocals during his cover of Shawn Mendes “There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back”.

Point is, he’s a well-known lad from YG Entertainment, one even the agency calls a treasure.

This is not merely what fans feel about him. Industry professionals and his senior artists from his label carry the same sentiment about the 18 year-old singer.

Actor Lee Sung-kyung and actress Yoon Si-yoon complimented his vocals and noted that his song featured more colour and depth.

His labelmates Somi, Zion T. and BLACKPINK’s Rose says “he almost talks when singing”, which comes as no surprise since he had been a trainee since 11 years old. Speaking for fans, Stray Kids’ I.N. says “it’s good that we can finally listen to his voice through music.

Other veterans like You Hee-yeol and Yoon Do-hyun have also lent him their support.

Bang Ye Dam’s digital single “Wayo” and its accompanying music video will drop on 5 June, 6PM KST (5PM SGT).

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