“The King” concludes filming, but “Contagion” will take its broadcast spot today

The Netflix original series which tells the romantic series between Lee Gon (played by Lee Min-ho) and Jung Tae-eul (played by Kim Go-eun) will not broadcast today.

It was announced today (28 May) that the 13th episode, slated for broadcast tomorrow, will not go on air, even though filming had concluded for the 16-episode series.

This news came as a sudden shock, to both fans and the cast of the drama. It was reported that the cast of “The King” was not informed of this change in broadcast schedule as well. This news was made known to many of them through media reports.

Instead, the American thriller film “Contagion”, a fictional portrayal of our world’s current situation, will take its spot.

Because of the recent increase in the number of COVID-19 cases in South Korea, television broadcaster SBS have decided to make such a move, in hopes of increasing public knowledge on preventive measures.

They stressed that this movement was necessary.

Cast of the series acknowledged the importance of public education, but thought it would be valid to first inform them and the production crew for the sudden shift.

There are also speculations that the footage filmed was insufficient to go on air, or it was deliberate efforts to garner attention for the series, whose ratings took a dip.

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