WayV Lucas’ recent suggestive shirt debate: Flashy Fashion?

Like many K-pop celebrities, whatever clothing item they don on is likely to come under close scrutiny from local media and netizens alike.

Hong Kong born Lucas, rapper of NCT subunit NCT U, WayV and SuperM, had been recently embroiled in this touchy situation.

It appears that Lucas was at the SM Entertainment Headquarters to film a short video for fans. The video was later posted on WayV’s official YouTube channel. 

Alongside Lucas were WayV members Kun, Xiao Jun and Yang Yang. They appear to be engaging in usual chatter while assembling lego bricks.

Netizens took notice of Lucas’ suggestive outfit and are criticising him for a lack of sensitivity in his outfit choice.

While it is not conspicuous in the video, his shirt depicts two women kissing each other, a scene that is hardly accepted in the conservative South Korean society.

Others believe that there is no need to be pressed over a small matter like his fashion choice.

A point worth noting is that the piece he dons is a SUPREME x Rita Ackermann Rayon S/S Shirt and has a hefty price tag of SGD $671.

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