TikTok to hold online Hip-hop concert featuring Bobby, Jay Park, Jessi and more with Hiphopplaya

TikTok will be hosting a live K-HipHop/K-R&B concert on it’s platform.

Just 2 days after its online K-Pop concert, TikTok will be streaming another concert. This time, aimed at those who adore K-HipHop and R&B genres.

Together with HIPHOPPLAYA, this concert aims to bring some cheer for viewers amidst these troubling times. Viewers of the concert can donate, proceeds will go to the Community Chest of Korea to help those affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The line-up is amazing. Artists include iKON’s Bobby, Zico, Jay Park, Sik-K, Heize, Crush, Jessi, Dean, Giriboy, pH-1, Epik High, Superbee, Miso, Kid Milli, E-Sens, Changmo, Ash Island, Uneducated Kid, Tabber, Yuzion, All Ready, and TWLV.

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🚨 [EVENT] 포스터를 공유해주세요. Please share the poster. ⠀ 3분을 추첨하여 #힙플페2020 티켓을 드립니다. ⠀ #틱톡스테이지위드힙합플레이야 해시태그 사용. 이벤트 당첨자는 5/28(목) 힙플 인스타그램을 통해서 발표됩니다. ⠀ ****** ⠀ TikTok Stage with HIPHOPPLAYA ⠀ 코로나19로 지친 국민들을 위한 스마일 프로젝트 #SmilewithTikTok ⠀ 글로벌 쇼트 비디오 애플리케이션 틱톡 @tiktok_kr 과 힙합플레이야의 콜라보로 진행되는 '틱톡 스테이지 위드 힙합플레이야' 무관중 콘서트가 5/27(수) 저녁 8시 전세계 동시 생중계 됩니다. ⠀ 공연 생중계를 관람하는 전 세계 시청자는 모두 기부에 동참하게 되며, 본 공연 시청자 1명당 0.5$씩, 그 누적된 금액 만큼 틱톡은 코로나19로 영향 받은 사회 취약 계층을 위해 사랑의열매 사회복지공동모금회에 기부 할 계획입니다. ⠀ – 2020.05.27(수) 저녁 8시 – 틱톡에서 “틱톡 스테이지” 검색 ⠀ ****** ⠀ [EVENT] Please share the poster. We'll draw for 3 people and give you a ticket for #HPF2020 ⠀ Use #TikTokStagewithHiphopplaya hashtag. The winners of the event will be announced in HIPHOPPLAYA Instagram on May 28 (Thurs). ⠀ ****** ⠀ TikTok Stage with HIPHOPPLAYA ⠀ Smile Project for the people tired of COVID-19 #SmilewithTikTok ⠀ Global short video application TikTok plans to hold a no crowd concert "TikTok Stage with HIPHOPPLAYA" collaborating with HIPHOPPLAYA at 8 PM(KST) on the 27th. ⠀ Viewers from all over the world who watch TikTok Stage live will all join the donation. As much as $0.5 per viewer of the show and TikTok plans to donate to the Community Chest of Korea with the accumulated amount for the socially vulnerable class affected by the COVID-19. ⠀ -2020.05.27 (Wed) 8PM (KST) – Search "TikTok Stage" in TikTok ⠀ #틱톡스테이지 #TikTokStage #TikTok_Stage ⠀ ⠀ ****** ⠀ designed by @madeindhl beat by @suwoncityboy

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The concert will be streamed via the TikTok app on May 27, 8PM KST (7PM SGT). You can receive notifications on this concert by following the official account here.

All you need is, really, your phone.