AleXa, IN2IT and Dreamcatcher says learning never stops with COVID-19 song “Be The Future”

K-pop stars AleXa, IN2IT and Dreamcatcher are making up a newly-formed project band named Millenasia Project.

They came together for a lively track, “Be The Future”. The music video was released yesterday.

Created in partnership with the Varkey Foundation, a member of UNESCO’s Global Education Coalition, these idols hope to collectively urge the world to unite in support of 1.5 billion learners who have been affected by school and university closures.

It is hoped that IN2IT, Dreamcatcher and AleXa, who boast multicultural backgrounds from Malaysia to Oklahoma, can convey this sincere message in a straightforward yet impactful manner.

The 3-minute long groovy number gives a lighter touch on encouraging the young to take measures to prevent the transmission of the coronavirus. 

The music video, dedicated to teachers, students and parents around the world, was conceived by millennial brand for quality Asian content, Millenasia.

The music video serves a candy pink and pastel colored narrative by these young and vibrant idols. 

“I strongly hope that this song and its message of health catches young people’s attention,” says soloist AleXa.

She added that we must not let the seclusion get us down, important to stay connected to school, teachers and friends.

Citing personal experience, IN2IT’s main vocalist Yeontae says “my third-grade teacher taught me that at the very least we should all try to make a difference with our lives.”

And his way of making a difference is to stay at home, to care for his parents.

Listen to “Be The Future” on KKBOX here, and watch the music video below:

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