Song Hye-kyo fronts the May issue of Elle Singapore

Fans of Song Hye-kyo can look forward to the latest issue of Elle Singapore, as she graces the cover of the May edition. 

The 38 year-old South Korean actress, best known for her role in Descendents of the Sun (2016), is also the official ambassador of Chaumet for Asia Pacific. 

Dressed in the latest collection from the renowned jewelry brand, Song Hye-kyo looks nothing short of amazing, truly exuding both confidence and elegance.

In the latest feature, she shares more about self-improvement and also some of the new challenges she’s facing. 

Looking back at her last 20 years  in the Korean entertainment industry, she revealed that she ”got exposed [to] the work force earlier at a young age, and was able to gain so many good experiences and memories,” compared to her peers.

She describes herself as being fortunate as she was able to be part of amazing productions since young. Song notes that where she is today is accounted for by the splendid performance of those productions, with receiving love from so many people. And she is very thankful for that.

Check out the full story on Elle Singapore here.

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