(G)I-DLE holds comical online first solo concert from their dorms

The girls from (G)I-DLE recently came back fierce with their third extended play (EP) titled “I Trust”.

Usually, promotions for the album can last for any time from 3 weeks to a month, but (G)I-DLE’s promotion period was compromised due to the global pandemic.

To connect with their fans, the six-membered group which consists of Miyeon, Minnie, Soojin, Soyeon, Yuqi, Shuhua have since held an online first solo concert, streamed this morning on the YouTube channel of Korean media platform hello82.

Titled the “Safe House Concert”, the short set was filmed and streamed right from the group’s lodging with a row of staff members seated at the front, and numerous cameras from various angles, like a usual show.

The girls opened the set with “Oh My God”. Just like their usual performances with spectacular stage effects and theatrical fog, this online show also factored that in.

Staff members were seen manually controlling strobe lights and rotating stage lights. Making artificial stage fog with a diffuser alongside tossing confetti was also in their to-do.

Following a live stage of their title number “Oh My God”, members played charades. 

The girls naturally let out their jokester side, as Yuqi concluded the set saying that “we held our first concert in such a large venue, thank you to the 20,000 fans who are here”.

Listen to (G)-IDLE’s newest album “I Trust” on KKBOX now.

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