B.I. Shares Demo Track On Soundcloud As “131”

A while back, it was reported by Korean tabloid magazine Dispatch that B.I. was allegedly caught attempting to purchase marijuana and LSD in 2016.

That said, the 23 year-old rapper also said that he was “too scared and fearful” to do the act.

Thereafter, the leader of South Korean boy band iKON announced his departure from the group.

Fans were on his side, and also longing for his return ever since.

Fortunately, he was back with a demo track yesterday, titled “DEMO.1”. He shared it on online audio distribution platform Soundcloud under the username “131”.

For those who might be wondering, he chose the numbers “131”, because when both 1 and 3 are put together it forms “B”. And 1 resembles “I”, thus coming together as “B.I.”, his stage name.

A demo track is usually meant for limited circulation rather than for general public release.

The three minute track may sound unornamented with no backing instrumentals whatsoever, only crisp raps and vocals.

But the track could be dedicated to his management, though a speculation.

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