Listen: Sandara Park Goes Retro Covering Mandopop Classics “Ni Yao De Ai”

This tune should not come as something new to fans of Mandopop. But South Korean singer Sandara Park has served up a personal rendering of the track “Ni Yao De Ai” (2001).

The track was the ending track for Taiwanese comedy drama “Meteor Garden”. The drama was adapted from the Japanese manga series “Boys Over Flowers”.

Stating that the drama was well-received is an understatement, with a sequel produced thereafter, following South Korean and Indonesian adaptations.

Sandara Park posted a video of her covering the track on her YouTube channel, Dara TV, on Monday (24 Dec). The karaoke version can be found on her official Instagram handle.

Call the 35 year-old singer a linguist. She’s a South Korean, but can juggle multiple languages such as Korean, English, Japanese and Tagalog.

Now, she’s even back with a Mandarin cover.

The 3-minute track is arranged by Seo Won-jin, the composer behind some of the chart-topping tracks from BIGBANG, G-Dragon and Zion. T.

The lyrics from the chorus reads: “I understand, the love I yearn, will spoil me; like a child, I only want to be in your arms”.

We all know, this is nothing near a Christmas carol, but “I hope this song gives you (warmth) this Christmas,” says Dara.

Watch the full video here:

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