Ariana Grande’s Santa Tell Me: Which K-pop Idol Sang It Better?

The festive season signals the arrival of Christmas carols.

As if a yearly drill, your idols are back with their rendition of Christmas tunes. Here, we’re looking at the celebs who did their version of “Santa Tell Me” (2014), whose original singer is Ariana Grande.


While wishing their fans, named HIDDEN KARD, a warm and fuzzy Christmas, the co-ed quartet released a video for their version of “Santa Tell Me”.

Here’s something new for listeners. We usually hear female singers covering the tune, but members B.M. and J.Seph have sang the tune in a lower octave. It is indeed a refreshing change.

Akdong Musician’s Lee Su-hyun

Her vocal talent remains splendid, despite her stint as a radio DJ. The backings are not complicated, consisting of only simple jingle sounds.

You’re in for a surprise though. The 20-year old singer’s Pomeranian, Jjome, gets some screen time too.

TWICE’s Nayeon

Living up to the name of TWICE’s lead vocalist, Nayeon captures us with her sweet yet soothing vocals. 

Be sure to listen to the end, when the backings cut off and only her vocals remain. She does a harmonization and there’s only one word to summarise: eargasm.

Her video has raked up 3 millions views since.

Sungha Jung

While this is not a vocal cover, South Korean musician Sungha Jung serves up a guitar cover of the track. It was said that he arranged the track personally too.

What are your thoughts? Which K-pop idol sang the track better? Let us know.

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