Listen: CL’s Single Dropped On The Same Day With Sandara Park, Park Bom’s Duet Track

Is this mere coincidence or fate? We’d like to settle with the latter.

Members of the now-defunct quartet, 2NE1, dropped tracks on Dec 10.

Park Bom, joined by Sandara Park, released their Christmas duet titled “The First Snow” (2019). CL also released heer own singles “+I Quit 180327+” (2019) and “+Paradox171115+” (2019).

Thought this might be a battle of fame? 

“This is not a competition among ourselves,”says Sandara Park during a live broadcast on video streaming service V Live.

Instead, Park, who once took on the role as the Public Relations (PR) director in YG Entertainment told fans it will be a “2NE1 day”.

True enough, their sisterhood runs deep.

With “The First Snow” (2019), Park Bom and Sandara Park’s voices served up a flashback to another festive track. 

It was a rendition of “All I Want For Christmas Is You” (2013) with soloist Lee Hi. The song builds up with them singing solo and climaxes with their combined vocals, creating a unique and powerful sound.

Watch the music video here:

On the other hand, with “+I Quit 180327+” (2019), CL keeps it simple for both the auditory and the visual.

Her message was never too convoluted to grasp. 

Take her as the living metaphor for inclusivity. She has dancers doing sign language in the clip. And her subtitles are in 16 different languages.

This track is all you would expect from CL. There is no strong bass like most K-pop tunes, just occasional percussions and light sounds.

Though different from a typical releases, she brings her talent to the forefront with her voice and production of the song.

Watch the music video for “+I QUIT180327+” below:

Listen to Sandara Park and Park Bom’s “The First Snow” on KKBOX here:

Listen to CL’s album “In The Name Of Love 2” on KKBOX here:

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