CL Makes Grand Comeback After Three Years: Watch

She was once a quarter of a chart-topping girl group. She was once under the wings of YG Entertainment.

But she’s back in the scene as a soloist.

Many say the 28-year-old singer is badass. But with hits like “The Baddest Female” (2013), “Lifted” (2016), her epithet is perfectly justified.

She dropped two music videos yesterday (4 Dec) on her official YouTube channel for two tracks: “+REWIND170205+” (2019) and “+DONE161201+” (2019).

The music videos are not your usual studio-shot, big-budget productions. Nevertheless, they tell the story well.

For the former, it has lyrics like “Let’s start over” and “Let’s go back”. This makes it clear that CL is reminiscing about the past, looking back at the good old days.

The music video is in the form of a scrapbook. It is plastered with pictures of her friends and celebrities who accompanied her throughout her journey in the scene.

Familiar faces were also spotted. Her bandmates from now-defunct group 2NE1: Park Bom, Sandara Park, Minzy, as well as G-Dragon are just a few of the many.

Listen to CL’s new album “In The Name Of Love 1” on KKBOX here:

Watch the music video for “+REWIND170205+” below:

Watch the music video for “+DONE161201+” below:

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