Fantagio Actor & SURPRISE U Member Cha In Ha Found Lifeless

South Korean media ENEWS24 reports that current SURPRISE U member and rookie actor Cha In Ha was found dead, noting that the police are currently investigating his sudden passing.

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Details such as the location where he was found lifeless or the potential cause of death have not been revealed.

His agency, Fantagio, released a short statement, saying that “they were also verifying the reports and are looking into them”.

Cha debuted in 2017 in the movie You, Deep Inside of Me and was also a member of Fantagio’s actor-boy group SURPRISE U.

Since his debut, he had appeared with supporting roles on dramas such as Temperature of Love, Wok of Love, Clean with Passion for Now, and The Banker. He was also part of MBC’s new drama, Love With Flaws, which stars Ahn Jae Hyun and Oh Yeon Seo.

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