Former KARA Member, Singer Goo Hara Found Dead At Home

The Korean entertainment industry mourns yet another loss.

Goo Hara, singer, actress and entertainment star, has passed away in her home yesterday (24 Nov). She was 28.

The cause of her death is still undergoing investigations by the police.

Widely known as Hara, the starlet had previously been hospitalised in May due to an alleged suicide attempt. She later publicly apologised for the incident and continued with promotions shortly after. 

Hara was formerly part of the sensational girl group, KARA. They were the ones behind familiar earworms like Mister (2009), Step (2011) and Mamma Mia (2014).

She has since stepped out of the group to proceed with solo activities. They were also well-received. Moreover, she was a bright personality that featured in many variety programmes on South Korean television. 

Early this month, Hara had released Midnight Queen (2019), a solo track. 

Her death came as a shock to many, not least because Hara had lost a close friend, Korean star, Sulli, just a month ago. 

On an Instagram live that the former held, she had promised to live well for Sulli, a friend whom she regards as a sister.

Our thoughts go out to those who loved Goo Hara and her family at this trying period of time.

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