TXT Drops Cinematic Yet Mysterious Video For Healing Track “Magic Island”: Watch

Tomorrow X Together, commonly known as  TXT, dropped the music video for “Magic Island” at 12AM (KST) on 17 Nov.

Magic Island (2019) is the sixth track  from their debut studio album, The Dream Chapter: Magic.

This music video is not you would usually expect from a K-pop group.

One, it is a 13-minute long clip. Two, it does not start with a backing track coupled with choreographies filmed in studio backdrops.

By categorising the scenes into various sections, it seeks to tell a full story. This attempt is evident through cinematic scenes and carefully mixed audio at some point.

Section 1 is gives off a supernatural vibe, titled “Ghost in Practice Room”. Statements are displayed on the screen, saying that the future of the boys are dark. But the boys cannot know anything about it.

The boys are also dressed in school uniforms, a drastic contrast from their usual stage outfits.

With a tap on a smartphone, the boys seemed to have teleported, leading us to section 2, named “The Secret Island”. All members sit around a campfire, with lyrics saying that “this place is our start line”.

In an instant, the boys threw away their name tags. Their school uniforms are off. They are now their casual clothes. Could this be a sign that they had grown up?

The magical and enchanted forest is now not so much of a fantasy anymore, as it is blazed in inferno. Members can be seen struggling to escape, before the video takes us to section 5: “The Name of Eternity”.

Is this a short movie? Or a music video? What do you think is the story behind it? We’ll let you decide.

Watch “Magic Island” below:

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