All tickets snapped up for IU’s “Love Poem” Tour in SG, Additional Show Added

SINGAPORE — The lead of the recently-booming drama “Hotel Del Luna” is done with being the hotel’s owner. I mean, she’s back being her true self, the soulful vocalist we’re all familiar with.

The 26 year-old singer had just announced that she will be holding her new “Love Poem” Tour soon.

Tickets were open for sale officially today morning (12 Oct) at 10AM.

Local UAENAs snapped up ALL the tickets in less than an hour.

Due to the popular demand of the show, IU’s concert will be held over the span of two days, with one additional show that is added on 6 Dec (Fri).

Tickets for the new show will be available for sale tomorrow at 12PM, tickets are priced at $268, $228, $188 and $148.

IU “Love, Poem” Tour in Singapore
Date: 6-7 Dec 2019 (Sat) 
Time: 7:30PM / 4PM
Venue: The Star Theatre

Gentle reminder: Please DO NOT purchase tickets from resellers or unofficial third-party platforms to avoid fraud. Unauthorised reselling of tickets violates the T&C of purchase and iMe Group reserves the right to void these tickets and deny entry without refund or any compensation.

Get ready for the ticketing tomorrow!

Stay tuned to SEOULHYPE for the latest updates on IU’s “Love, Poem” Tour. 

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