Watch: SuperM wants to see you bounce with their debut track “Jopping”

SuperM, the supergroup formed in 2019 by SM Entertainment and Capitol Music Group had just released their debut music video for “Jopping”.

And wow, to describe the track, and the music video, as perfect is a mere understatement.

The boys sent the message clear with just the first line of the song: I don’t even care here we will burn on the stage.

The electronic bounce track starts with concise rap deliveries before it transitions to leader’s Baekhyun vocal notes.

Rumoured to be filmed in Dubai, the approximately 4-minute music video boasts visually stunning cinematography. Other than studio-filmed scenes, some even see the boys working their moves on a helipad.

Did we mention, Kai was also seen hanging off the helicopter, like what one would expect of the protagonist from a Hollywood film.

Scenes are mixed between the members’ slick but vigorous dance moves, to cuts of them in a filled arena with lights shone on them.

The boys are now in Los Angeles for the premiere event for their debut mini album, titled “SuperM”.

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Check out what the boys of SuperM have to say here:

Listen to “Jopping” by SuperM here:

Cover image courtesy of SM Entertainment
Music video stills courtesy of SM Entertainment / Taken from SMTOWN YouTube Channel

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