Getting to know SuperM: What’s coming up for the “Avengers of K-pop”

The biggest thing of the century? Probably SuperM’s debut, among other things.

Why, you ask? Dubbed the Avengers of K-pop by American entertainment media Billboard, the boys are dropping their first mini album tomorrow. Prior to the release, they held the launching press conference at Dragon City Hotel in Seoul where the boys met up with local and foreign press.

But who’s in the group. Truth be told, SuperM is not a rookie group per se, because it consists of many different K-pop artistes from groups who have already debuted in the scene.

SuperM is lead by Baekhyun, the main vocalist of EXO who recently gone solo, releasing a mini-album titled City Lights. Kai from EXO, alongside Taemin from SHINee and Taeyong, Ten, Lucas and Mark from NCT will make up SuperM.

SuperM is said to be a supergroup that was formed in 2019 by SM Entertainment and Capitol Music Group.

The best part of it all? They have already announced their arena tour, that will be held in the statesides even before the release of their first mini album, which was slated to drop tomorrow (4 Oct).

The boys already has a series of activities lined up for them. They will be LIVE from the Capitol Records in Hollywood on 5 Oct, a day after the release of their album.

Who’s going to see them in the United States?

Even if you’re not, fret not, give the teaser of “Jopping” a watch now:

Cover image courtesy of SM Entertainment
Press conference image courtesy of XSportsNews Korea.

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