Hotel Del Luna’s Yeo Jin Goo reveals what he’s afraid of

SINGAPORE – Though South Korean actor Yeo Jin Goo isn’t scared of ghosts, he won’t like the idea of visiting a haunted house. Why? Because he is afraid of abrupt appearances.

Think jump scares in horror movies or a dreadful cockroach flying into his face.

“I’m not exactly afraid of ghosts or the supernatural, but I’m scared of things that suddenly appear. Like a bug,” said Jin Goo, 22, who met the Singapore media on Monday.

The topic of the supernatural came up because of Jin Goo stars in K-Drama, Hotel Del Luna. His character Gu Chan Seong manages a hotel for ghosts before they move to the afterlife. The hotel’s boss Jang Man Weol is played by singer IU.

The press conference was held at The Capitol Kempinski Hotel Singapore, a hotel as grand as the fictitious hotel which Jin Goo manages in the K-drama.

The drama is topping ratings across the region. In South Korea, it is the highest-rated drama in tvN’s history — scoring an average viewership of 12 per cent.

In Singapore, the episodes aired on tvN are in the top three spots among all 120 Pay TV channels here. The rating result refers to viewers aged 20 to 49.

On the drama’s success, Jin Goo credits the unusual plot by star scriptwriters, Hong Jung Eun and Hong Mi Ran.

In fact, it was a particularly captivating line in the script which made him decide to take up the role.

“I read this line in the script, ‘Aren’t you interested in a role that no one knows about?’ It was as if a spell was cast on me, it attracted me to to the role,” said Jin Goo.

In town to promote the series, Jin Goo can’t wait to savour the favourite dish of Korean stars — chilli crab.

He will be polishing off his plate — leaving behind no trace of sauce or crab meat. It isn’t just because it is wasteful. The habit has to do with an interesting superstition.

“In Korea, we have a saying that if you don’t finish your food, then after you die, you might have to eat the food which you left behind,” said Jin Goo. “So I try not to waste any food.”

But before he reaches the afterlife, the actor has much he would like to achieve in this lifetime.

He said: “I would want to be remembered as an actor who tried on various roles, productions, movies — until my very last moment.”

Catch the final episode of Hotel Del Luna on Oct 2. Hotel Del Luna airs on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 9.45pm on tvN (StarHub Ch 824 and Singtel TV Ch 518/619).

Drama Stills: Courtesy of tvN

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