Concert Review: Sexy is not a look but an attitude, says Jay Park

SINGAPORE – The one and only Jay Park is back here, right in Singapore, for his “SEXY 4EVA” World Tour. This time, he’s not alone though as he brought Haon and Woo down to perform as special guests too.

Woo came to the stage first, kicking off the set with Hate You (2018) and We Are (2017).

Jay Park then made his grand entrance on stage, accompanied by continuous cheers from fans. He then started off with a live rendition of Forget About Tomorrow (2019), a recent track released in collaboration with Yultron.

“I dyed my hair in Singapore,” says the chic lad who now has a new hairdo of teal blue and blonde, pretty drastic a change from his dark coloured hairstyles in the past. He then told fans that Singapore is the first stop of the world tour after Seoul, because to him, Singapore is just like his second home.

As much as we can’t believe it ourselves too, he’s been here for 16 times. That’s honestly a feat.

He went on to tracks like Iffy (2017) JOAH (2014) before revealing the other surprise guest. “I’ve brought Wonjae from AOMG and Haon from H1GHER Music, but I have a local musician here too,” he teased.

Fans knew who it was in an instant.

It’s none other than our very own homegrown musician Shigga Shay. Prior to the show, Jay Park disclosed during an exclusive interview with SEOULHYPE that they are actually working on a track together, and even finished the filming of the music video. Today’s the first time he will be singing it live.

Haon, the youngest from H1GHER Music came on stage subsequently. He dished out songs like Bar code (2018) and Boong Boong (2018) as the 19 year-old rapper showed off his boyish charms.

Honestly, ain’t no party like an AOMG one, right? 

Cue the tracks we’ve been waiting for. Our body instinctively swayed to the rhythm of MOMMAE (2015), and you’ve probably seen this coming. Jay Park bares his upper body, grooving to every beat. Fans reacted with deafening screams.

“It’s been 11 years since my debut, and I have never been on a world tour before, this is the first official one. I’ve also been to Singapore numerous times, and this is the first where I get to perform for fans,” says Jay Park.

He concluded the set by explaining his concert theme once again, sending a clear message to those who attended — sexy is not just purely a look, but it’s more like an attitude.

Stay tuned for an exclusive interview with Jay Park!

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