Jay Park proves himself a fashionista once again

SINGAPORE – The reason for fans, celebrities and the media to be gathered here at the Marina Bay Sands on a Thursday evening? We’re all here to witness the grand opening of the Paul Smith branch at The Shoppes, Marina Bay Sands.

Dubbed as Britain’s foremost designer, Paul Smith is well known for his style of going “classic with a twist” on his designs. Look further into his designs and you find some dry British humour embedded in each and every one of his pieces.

The grand opening bash also features a celebrity guest — Korean American singer, rapper, Jay Park. 

The suave lad made a grand entrance as he posed for the media at the photo wall for a quick photo session.

He was later introduced into the store where he looked through the several collections from the brand. It was a casual session, though, as the 32 year-old rapper sat down in the middle of his shop tour to answer some questions for an interview by a local media outlet.

Here are the pieces Jay Park wore for the night:

  1. Men’s Large ‘Artist Studio’ Print Cotton Pocket Square (US $75)
  2. Leopard print shirt (US $288)
  3. Men’s Slim-Fit Green Wool-Blend Twill Trousers (US $420)
  4. Men’s White Calf Leather ‘Ivo’ Trainers With Bright Stripe Panels (US $280)

Want to see more of Jay Park? He will be holding his “SEXY 4EVA” concert tomorrow, be sure to catch him live.

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