Hyolyn left Malaysian fans in awe with powerful vocals and high notes

MALAYSIA – Vocalist of the now-defunct girl group SISTAR, Hyolyn finally staged her long-awaited 1st World Tour [TRUE] and made an appearance once again in Malaysia after the PUMA Cali Party. The concert was held last Friday (28 June) at Dewan Wawasan Convention & Exhibition Centre, Menara PGRM.

Hyolyn started off the night with the world tour rendition of her dance track “Paradise”. She was ready to get the party started as she performed the second song “Dope” before she charmed the audience with her beautiful voice singing “To Do List”.

After performing three songs consecutively, she told fans that it’s been a long time since they last met even though her last visit to Malaysia was just a while ago. She expressed her joy by saying that she’s happiest when being on the stage, thus being able to give her best performance to fans.

Of course, she also introduced her dancers to the fans.

Lonely”, the first song in her solo album, “One Way Love” and “Massage” were also on the night’s setlist. These songs go to show that she’s not only good in singing, dancing, but also rapping.

Well, she claimed that it’s her first time singing these songs live. It can’t be, right?

Hyolyn took fans on a time travel, performing earworms from SISTAR like “Ma Boy”, “I Swear” and more. Just when she sang a snippet of the track, fans immediately sang along. The crowd was overflowing with excitement, because who doesn’t miss SISTAR?

Taking it a notch down, Hyolyn performed a song called “Goodbye” which she sang as part of an Original Sound Track (OST) from the hit drama – You Who Came From The Stars.

Hyolyn surprised fans by preparing a special event. Five fans were randomly drawn and they were allowed to bring their handphones along to the stage. She also used their phones to record a video of herself saying “Aku Cinta Padamu” which translates to “I love you” in Malay. Isn’t that so sweet?

Next up was her latest hit song titled “You Know Better” which she just dropped. She revealed that she was involved in the composing and lyrics writing process for the track and hopes that people who are currently experiencing pains will be healed after listening to the song.

Leaving the fans thinking that it was her last song of the concert, everyone started to chant for encore songs. Hyolyn came back to the stage with “Love Like This” and “Bang Bang” which left everyone in awe because it’s so effortless for her to hit high notes without much effort. Wow.

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