IN PHOTOS: Mega acts grace the red carpet on HallyuPopFest (Day 2)

SINGAPORE – From acts performing in the afternoon showcase like Kanto, boyband VERIVERY and trio Trei to megabands like (G)I-DLE, MONSTA X, KARD, PENTAGON and the legends themselves, Super Junior. We bring you the highlights from the red carpet session for Day 2 at HallyuPopFest.

Having made their debut just February this year, up-and-coming trio Trei told the media that they are looking forward to more performances in Singapore.
Soloist Kanto also made appearance at the HallyuPopFest merchandise booth earlier the day to interact with fans.
There is so much energy overflowing from boyband VERIVERY as they send hearts over to their fans, did you receive it?
(G)I-DLE attracted screams from fans at the red carpet as they walked the red carpet with unparalleled beauty.
One of the few mixed gender bands in the industry, KARD comes back to greet Singapore fans after their previous visit last year.
The boys from PENTAGON also came to the red carpet stage and they were even taught some Singlish phrases!
MONSTA X says that they have missed the Singapore fans, and even got to taste Singapore delicacies once they touched down!
Give it up for Super Junior, these legends have come to grace the HallyuPopFest red carpet stage and they greeted fans with their signature yet familiar introduction.

That’s all we have for the Day 2 of the red carpet at HallyuPopFest. Stay tuned for our cover for the concert!

Check out all our official pictures from the red carpet HERE.

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