How was Kim Jong Kook’s experience in the physical mission for Viu’s ‘No Sleep No FOMO’?

Video service Viu recently launched their newest reality series ‘No Sleep No FOMO‘ as they held the programme’s launch event just a while ago.

It is indeed a star-studded affair in the latest episode released on 12 April Viu’s Original reality travelogue ‘No Sleep No FOMO’ with singer-actor-host Kevin Woo as co-host, and special appearances by Korean singer and variety star Kim Jong Kook and Hong Kong-based lifestyle personality Hana Tam (who will be co-hosting the Indonesia episode premiering on 19 April).

In this episode, Kim Jong Kook helps his dongsaeng (roughly translate to a junior in Korean) Kevin Woo in completing several physical FOMO challenges, where if he wins, the points go to Kevin.

Usually emerging victorious in Korean urban reality show ‘Running Man’, how will Sparta Kook fare in ‘No Sleep No FOMO’?

Fans of Korean entertainment, this one’s for you: Not only does this episode mark Kevin Woo’s return to the small screen, it is also Kim Jong Kook’s first appearance in a show where he converses in English, unlike in his regular variety shows in Korea.

Watch the episode HERE, and new episodes of ‘No Sleep No FOMO’ are available on Viu every Friday, 8pm.

Words: Amira Syaheera
Photos: Viu

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