VIXX’s Ravi brings in hyped performances and solid rap in Taiwan concert

TAIPEI, TAIWAN – South Korean boyband VIXX’s Ravi, came to Taiwan last Saturday (6 April) for his first solo concert, held at SYNTREND Creative Park, Taipei. Fellow member N also once held his personal concert here in Taipei as well, making Ravi the second member to do so.

To bring the concert even more hype, Ravi also flew in rapper Cold Bay specially from Korea to guest on his show. Cold Bay collaborated with Ravi several times before, for tracks like See Through and Pavlov’s Dog.

Halfway into the set when he sang Do The Dance, Ravi delights fan by removing his top, exposing his solid abs, setting fans into a wild frenzy. He continued to party it on accompanied by deafening cheers from fans. Of course, besides solid rapping, Ravi bopped with charisma and “did the dance” with his accompanying dancers.

Other tracks like “Chameleon”, “Runway”, “Where Am I” and “Hoodie” were also sung live, but to add on to the atmosphere, Ravi gave fans a light shower as he used bottle after bottle to sprinkle on them.

In addition, Ravi took things slightly mellower as he gave a light rap to his newly-released track, “Live”, in collaboration with singer Chungha and we’re sure fans enjoyed it as much as we did!

Words: Avier Tan / Chuang Wei Lun
Photos: Chuang Wei Lun / Joanne Tung

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