NCT127 rocks the stage at 9th edition of Hong Kong Asian-Pop Music Festival (HKAMF)

HONG KONG – The annual Hong Kong Asian-Pop Music Festival, HKAMF for short, is back for its ninth edition, and was staged last Friday (22 March) at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC).

The theme was decided as “Music in one Asia Plus”, mainly putting the spotlight on “Music Harmony” in the region. This was also further explained by the choice of line-up, which included Hins Cheung from Hong Kong, Dean Ting from mainland China, GACKT from Japan as well as the highly sought after monster rookie, NCT 127 from South Korea.

The 7 boys came up on stage to give an impressionable look right from the start, two members even wore life vests as part of their stage look. That, however, enhanced the look well, as weird as it might have sounded.

Their power-pact performance comprised of three tracks, Regular, Cherry Bomb and their newest release, Simon Says.

It might be true that the youth of these boys are the very reason why they are able to pour out charisma for all their stages, and still put up such a spectacular set despite being so young at the same time.

We’ve enjoyed the show, how about you?

Words: Avier Tan
Photos: Joanne Tung

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