KKBOX Music Awards premiered in Hong Kong with SHAUN as special guest

HONG KONG – KKBOX returns with another stage of Music Awards that was held in Hong Kong at Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre 5BC, following the one held in Taiwan just January.

The KKBOX “Top 10 Artistes of the Year” award was clinched by big names such as Eason Chan, Jason Chan, Hana Kuk and more.

The powerpact performances were brought to climax by South Korean singer-songwriter, music producer, and DJ, SHAUN. He was spotted to greet the media with a light-colored shirt paired with jeans at the red carpet event.


The 29 year-old singer rocketed to fame last year thanks to his song “Way Back Home” which boasts a laid-back yet addictive melody complemented by electric guitar sounds.

SHAUN greeted the crowd in Cantonese and introduced himself before giving fans a tease and played freestyle on his electric guitar Of course, SHAUN didn’t disappoint and performed “Way Back Home”. Though this track had a remix version by Sam Feldt and was sung by both SHAUN himself and Conor Maynard, he proceeded with the Korean version instead.

Halfway through his stage, he slipped through some of the lyrics, but definitely gave a good save and rocked it on.

He served up a live rendition of his recent track “Bad Habits” as well, and was well-received by fans.

Watch his full performance below:

Words: Avier Tan
Photos: Joanne Tung

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