Ryu Jun-yeol to make appearance for promotion of “Hit and Run Squad” in Hong Kong

HONG KONG – Ryu Jun‑yeol will be making his way to Hong Kong to promote his newest movie, Hit and Run Squad at KITEC E-Max, this Saturday at 4PM.

Hit and Run Squad features Min-jae (RYU Jun-yeol), a rookie police officer with a natural born talent for driving, is assigned to the perfect team: the Hit-and-Run Squad. But at the same time, for police detective Si-yeon (KONG Hyo-jin), it is a place she is unjustly demoted to for doing her job. The two team up to arrest the rich and powerful speed maniac Jae-chul (CHO Jung-seok) who is suspected of committing crimes for his obsession for speed. (Taken from Rotten Tomatoes)

Ryu Jun-yeol at the “Hit and Run Squad” press conference, held in Seoul, Korea.

Hurry and make your way there this weekend!


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