Yoon Jisung successfully wraps up first solo overseas gig in Macau

MACAU – Yoon Jisung made his first overseas stop of his First Fan-Meeting, “Aside” in Macau last Saturday (2 March).

Though this is not his first time in Macau, it is, however, his first time there with the identity of the solo artist. He made a visit with his previous band Wanna One just 1 year ago in January 2018.

Recently, the 27 year-old singer also made an official announcement that his fans would be collectively known as “BABAL”, which translates to “grains of rice”.

Yoon Jisung opened the show by bringing a live rendition of “Who Are You?” which set fans on high spirits, injecting overflowing enthusiasm to the whole set.

He proceeded on to greeting fans in Cantonese and when asked what he wanted to do in Macau, his reply was that he wanted to meet with his BABALs and he felt more than welcomed when they went to the airport to receive him.

As Jisung’s birthday was around the corner, BABALs also sang a birthday song for him, as part of an early celebration.

Fans also made a special video which was screened for him and had banners raised up during that segment too. No doubt, it was an emotional moment for all.

Jisung ended the show by thanking fans for their tremendous support and hopes that he’ll score a chance to return to Macau soon to meet BABALs in the near future!

2019 Yoon JiSung 1st Fan Meeting: Aside in Macau was made possible by CRC Entertainment, ELF Asia, 168 Production and LM Entertainment.

Words: Avier Tan
Photos: CRC Entertainment / LM Entertainment

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