WATCH: HIGHLIGHT shows fans how loved they felt in their new music video

Recently releasing a track titled “Take Care” on the 29th of October, HIGHLIGHT comes back with a special mini album titled “Outro” that contains 6 tracks including the instrumental version of “사랑했나봐 (Loved)” and their pre-released song titled “Take Care“. The special album also contains 2 unit tracks by 2 members each track and as HIGHLIGHT has stated, the album will feature a solo track that leader Yoon Doojoon recorded before his enlistment.

20th November marks the release of the MV for their title track called “사랑했나봐 (Loved)“. The song and music video released shows the message where the quintet has spent time creating happy memories with their fans while being together and it doesn’t change that those memories are completely their own. The message behind the release of the album is to thank their fans before the other members start enlisting.

The music video uniquely captures the masterpiece that HIGHLIGHT has given their fans. From their sweet warm honey vocals to their clean and charismatic dance moves, it is no wonder that they’ve had a huge following of fans for years! 

Following the release of this song, they will be holding their solo concert titled “Outro” on the 24th and 25th of November at the Seoul Olympic Gymnastics Arena. Watch their lovely music video below:

Words: Amira Syaheera
Photos: Around Us Entertainment

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