Eric takes fans down the streets of London in “Miss You”

Following his latest mini album “Honestly”, Eric Nam comes back with his latest single and music video on 30th October titled, “Miss You”.

You thought Eric Nam is missing his other half by looking at the title? Think again. In the track, it’s about a break up between a couple from the man’s point of view. It shows the struggle of the man to overcome his emotions and to move on from the breakup. Lines such as “I’ll be alright. I don’t miss you. Don’t miss me too.”, were repeated throughout the song to portray the longing the man has for the woman but he can’t do anything about it.

The track starts off with soulful guitar strums that would make you want to bop your head to, before Eric boasts his vocals in the verse. The music video starts off dark, in a cinematic manner before it transitions to showing Eric dressed in an all-white outfit. With strong drum beats and a slight falsetto in the chorus, Eric got us all hooked onto the track already.

The music video portrays Eric Nam roaming around the streets of London, showing the loneliness that comes with the current season of fall. Though fall is always portrayed as such a warm season, and the video shows warm colours throughout, Eric Nam perfectly brings out that feeling of loneliness, enabling the viewers to feel a sense of sadness and longing as they watch the music video.

Say no more, watch it for yourself. Let us view the beautiful streets of London with Eric Nam through his newly released single music video titled “Miss You”.

Words: Amira Syaheera
Photos: Stone Music Entertainment

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